I offer a wide range of bespoke tours throughout Scotland for leisure and business, in English and French. I am available as a personal guide and can even help you plan your stay in Scotland. I am happy to help you create a personalised tour according to your budget, your interests and how much time you have in Scotland or to suggest an example itinerary.

Please note that my services are also available to companies, agents and tour operators.

The following provides a summary of what I offer. For more information and to book, please see the booking page.

Walking tours of Edinburgh's Royal Mile and New Town

Take a step back in time down the world-famous Royal Mile which cuts through Edinburgh's historic Old Town. From Edinburgh Castle, past the splendid St Giles Cathedral and the enchanting tenements of the Canongate, to the Scottish Parliament and Holyrood Palace, the official Scottish residence of the Queen, this short walk leads you through an area steeped in history. A guided tour affords you an opportunity to explore the many courts and closes which pepper the area. One of the most fascinating walks in the world, this tour is one of my specialities. Half-day or full-day tours available.

You might prefer to combine a walking tour of the Royal Mile with a stroll through Edinburgh's New Town, perhaps as part of a full-day tour. Discover the Georgian architecture, the symetrical street layout characterising the magnificent town-planning of James Craig and Robert Adam and the beautiful gardens, as well as the spledid views over the Firth of Forth. Half-day or full-day tours available.

In order to benefit fully from walking tours, a basic level of fitness is advised.

Ghost tours of Edinburgh's Old Town

Ideal for families or for those who wan to be scared! These entertaining tours combine the fascinating tales of Edinburgh criminals down the ages, such as the infamous Burke and Hare, with ghost stories from Mary King's Close which will send shivers down your spine.

Walking tours of Edinburgh and Glasgow

Two of the world's most famous and important cities, I provide personalised tours of both to match your tastes. Whether you are interested in history, architecture or art, I can direct you to the best these two cities have to offer. If you wish to take a specialised tour themed on a particular area of interest, I will do my best to plan a tour to suit your needs. Alternatively, I can suggest an itinerary taking in a range of the main attractions. Half-day or full-day tours available.

In order to benefit fully from walking tours, a basic level of fitness is advised.

Guided tours of Scotland's major cities: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Dundee

Whether you are an individual planning your own holiday or represent a tour operator, you can use my tour services for any city in Scotland. I offer flexible itineraries for all Scottish towns, as with my walking tours of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Extended tours throughout Scotland

Scotland's scenery and history are unique. Allow me to share my local knowledge with you to enable you to make the most of your trip to this magnificent country. Hire me as a driver-guide to drive your small group around Scotland, letting you sit back and revel in a relaxing and enjoyable trip. Alternatively, take the wheel yourself and allow me to simply accompany your party as a guide. I can suggest a themed or tailored tour to suit your interests. In the past, for example, customers have been interested in the following themes:

// Genealogy - research your Scottish ancestry
// Whisky - visit Scotch whisky distilleries
// Castles
// Lochs
// Island-hopping - tour the stunning Scottish Islands
// Golf - discover St Andrews, the home of golf
// Rugby - spend a weekend in Edinburgh and take in a Six Nations game

One-day or multi-day tours available to any of the above attractions.

Please note that my services are also available to companies, tour operators, coach companies and travel agents.


Sit back, relax and let me be your driver and guide. Ideal fpr small groups and families. Design your own itinerary. An unforgettable experience. See the above Extended tours throughout Scotland section for more details.

Tailored themed itineraries

Whether you have a particular interest or are finding it difficult deciding how best to plan your trip to Scotland - what to include and what to leave out - let me guide you to the best Scotland has to offer. I can suggest themed tours, personalised itineraries or even help you choose accommodation. See the above Walking Tours or Extended tours throughout Scotland for more details.

Conferences and Transfers

Tour operators and companies organising conferences and events should note that I am also available for airport transfers, hotel pick-up of your cutomers or delegates or a welcome service, in English or French.